Dec 26 2010

festive weekend links

Late this weekend due to holiday, enjoy anyway!

A depressing but unsurprising look at the sexism inherent in gaming and gaming advertising here.

A link sent from a friend to a video about the dark side of positive thinking here

Spiffy essay about forensics and tattoos over at Storytellers Unplugged.

I have been saying this next bit for years, and might eventually write a story about the concept: Scientists say dolphins should be treated as non-human persons

Why writers should have blogs

…and criteria for deciding whether you should enter a writing contest, over at Writer Beware

Interesting article on ebooks and illegal downloading here

And for those supporters of Wikileaks, I strongly suggest you read these two articles to get a well-rounded and rational perspective of the other side of the argument. After all, we don’t want to be slaves to our biases, do we? Bruce Sterling’s take on Wikileaks , and The Hazards of Nerd Supremacy by Jaron Lanier (long but worth the read)

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