Jan 04 2011

new year weekend links

This article made me quite happy to read, I giggled and ranted and cheered all the way through — which sounds like I’m taking delight in the problems of scientists, but it’s a bit different from that. I have been saying since high school that there are some serious flaws within the scientific method (because after all, scientists are still HUMAN) and have had a bunch of arguments with other science-minded types who treat the scientific method with religious-like faith and awe and have a hard time hearing about the flaws. My specific arguments have been mostly based around the author’s middle point of “an equally significant issue is the selective reporting of results—the data that scientists choose to document in the first place” but the other reasons for the “decline effect” around the scientific method mentioned in the article are also strong and interesting. I think we can fix most of the current flaws (except for the randomization argument) given the advances in technology and information sharing we now have, assuming scientists are willing to acknowledge their own biases on the issue. Go read, come back and let’s discuss in comments!

Awesome list from Cat Rambo about the 10 books she recommends to any writer focusing on craft.

An interesting read about how ebooks might affect the publishing industry from someone IN the publishing industry, including a nice contrasting of difference in format versus difference in form.

Thoughts on a “writer’s platform” and how people are Doin’ It Wrong.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted about WikiLeaks, I was a bit surprised no one commented on the last links to the reasoned other-side-of-the-coin arguments I posted, so go back and read if you missed them! This one is a short-and-to-the-point pro-WikiLeaks post from Nathaniel Eliot (also known as my beloved husband). Discuss there or here!

Haven’t done cancer links in a while, but had two people send me links to the big C news of the week: blood test for cancer is now entering clinical trials.

This one just made me happy to read, I like when people get obsessed and do neat sciency things with that hyperfocus…article on learning more about flying from birds

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