Jan 14 2011

Quickie Question: writing and routine

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I have a couple of longer Cancer Chronicles posts brewing, but no brain for longer things this week. So I will throw out a quick question instead, for any writers reading as well as anyone else who regularly uses established routines to create art or get larger projects done.

What are the ways that you continue to create/work on projects when life inevitably brings disruption to those normal routines? How do you (personally) quickly get back on the wagon if those disruptions do interrupt your work?

I recognize that part of my problem is working with a bit less than a healthy person’s energy levels while trying to do as much or more than said person’s average workload. So I’m not castigating myself for struggling with juggling. However, writing regularly seems to be the thing that falls off first when major routine disruptions (like a month of travel and holiday busy-ness) happen, and that’s less ideal. My ideas for solving this are mostly nebulous (other than what I’m already trying of setting small daily/weekly goals and working up from there), and I’d like to hear how other people manage such things (or don’t).

(Also also note: I’m griping about lack of momentum during a week where I finished a novel chapter, revised a story and sent it to the writer’s group, and wrote this post. So we aren’t talking NO progress here, just not what I’d feel more satisfied and less stressed about getting done.)

Looking forward to your comments!

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