Feb 26 2011

Blog quasi-hiatus

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I am not online consistently at the moment, due to a pregnancy complication (massive hip pain and misalignment) that is giving me an ugly mix of sleep deprivation and constant pain. This combination has achieved what cancer or pregnancy hormones couldn’t achieve, which is temporarily stop the flow of words written. I’m hoping the physical therapy will help this improve, and I can get back to writing and blogging, but figured you lovely and fearless readers deserved to know what was up.

If I can I might try to do some shorter, more personal posts about various life stuff, including the many ways pregnancy is Not Like cancer. But right now just dealing with the hip issue is top priority, so have patience and I will be back again soon, regardless.

For anyone who is interested in helping out with baby-things acquisition (or who has no-longer usable baby things from a recent new human themselves), here is our sharable Google Document where we’ve compiled a wish list and continue to update it as we receive new gifts from people. Just make sure to let us know if you’ve shipped or are planning to deliver a gift so we can keep the list current and not have too many duplicates!

Baby Stuff Wish List

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  1. Reesaon 13 Mar 2011 at 12:40 pm

    @Anne — How helpful! Thank you very much.