May 01 2011

noting energy trends

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Coming back from a place where writing can’t happen (as opposed to isn’t happening, which implies more choice in the matter) is interesting. I have felt no guilt about not-writing during this time, since the inability is so obviously related to physical and mental capacity being impaired due to cancer and not any sort of attitudinal problem. That doesn’t mean I haven’t felt bad about not getting writing done, or frustrated about the inability to keep up with things like attending local conventions for my craft. I do get upset about those things, but it feels a fairly standard irritation whenever one is stretched too thin on resources.

Blogging more regularly was/is a first step back toward daily writing. It’s more low-impact on creative energy than fiction writing, while still evoking the routine of words-on-page that is so important for sustaining daily output. This post is more to note the beginning of the next step, a low-grade mental discomfort, or itch-equivalent, where I have not quite enough energy yet to sustain a concerted creative effort at a computer sitting but the desire to be “doing something” of that sort increases another notch or three. Hopefully that means that the actual energy to do creative writing is coming back soon, since the in-between state isn’t the most fun to inhabit even if it is a sign of further progress.

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