May 09 2011

My First Mother’s Day

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Well here’s a quick mostly-non-cancer post before we get back to the regular news…

This weekend was my first official Mother’s Day celebration, as last year we hadn’t received custody of The Teen (until my birthday about a month from now). It was certainly bittersweet, given the whole dealing with cancer thing affecting my ability to be mobile and do things, but the sweet won out even given the emotional downness and complexity of this time. Nathan’s mother and stepfather were in town visiting and I think that helped the guys remember to celebrate Mother’s Day (though I could be wrong and they would have remembered anyway).

I received the very thoughtful and lovely gift of silky lounging robes, four of them I believe (might have miscounted, could be five). Since I’ll be heading into chemotherapy land, which is unknown territory impact-wise but likely to affect my energy levels from day to day such that lounging will be most all I’m good for some days, it’s a useful gift. But they’re also bright and vibrantly patterned and silky to the touch, so they’re a feel-good gift as well. I also like having the baby get to be near things that feel nice to the touch, so added bonus there. All in all a much more well-rounded and thoughtful gift than I was expecting (since I wasn’t actually expecting much at all). I love my family!

I also got a framed painting that Nathan’s stepfather did of The Baby which is fabulous (Pat Cardiff is a great artist); my mom now wants to commission one from him of the baby plus me, so we’ll see if he’s interested in taking that on. And a funny Mother’s Day card from The Teen. I didn’t get to spend much time with Nathan on Sunday, as he was doing his own thing most of the day, but we got to go out Saturday night and shake booty for our date-night which is always nice. (Well, I watched my pretty man dance while I stood in place with my cane and wiggled my butt in-between sitting spells, but we modify as we need and do what we can to still have fun during all of this — and I think we’re succeeding better than most others would at keeping some semblance of “normal” existence.)

Nathan’s folks had to leave early-early Sunday morning, but my mom came down later Sunday and we let The Teen stay up a bit late with us to watch all three Sherlock episodes (which my mom hadn’t seen) with friends Andrea and Robert, which was a good and fun shared low-impact activity. Since I’ve been having massive hip instability and extra pain the last few days low-key was a good key to bring in the weekend on.

The baby is only .5 inches longer than at birth, but has gone from a birthweight of 5lbs 14 ounces to 8 lbs 12 ounces in a month, thus reaching what probably would have been her birthweight if she’d gone to term. I don’t mind the smaller package, especially since we escaped any of the health problems associated with pre-term babies — it extends the time I can pick her up and carry her around. She continues to be the most amicable baby it has been my pleasure to know, not fussing unless there’s a reason for it (food, diaper, comfort) and calming down rapidly when she does get fussy. She also is mostly fitting her sleep schedule to mine, as much as is possible I think, which is another huge help. Yay for easy babies! Although speaking of, she’s fussing now, so this concludes your family post for the day.

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  1. CHERYLon 10 May 2011 at 1:31 pm

    Happy Mother’s Day, no matter how bittersweet. I’m glad you enjoyed the day! Hugs

  2. Terri Avalonon 05 Jun 2011 at 5:48 am

    Happy late Mother’s Day. late! I tend to forget it because I don’t have a mother and Joshes Mom is Belinda. She’s living up here now, but she’s married to a very monogamous bubba (her words, not mine).

    You are quite circumspect about details of your situation and I would expect nothing less from the graceful and beautiful woman I remember vividly.

    Now comes to the totally unsolicited advice which may or may not be worth the page it’s typed on.

    I hope like everything, that we get together when your kiddo is graduating high school. That may not happen and even writing this makes my heart ache.

    I lost my mother when I was eight and she was 36. When I’m lonely for my mother I go through the meager notes she left behind. My baby book. And I peruse the back of still pictures for the essence of who my mother was and how much I am of her.

    This blog alone will tell her so much about you but if you had a journal that you could right in your hand telling her specifically about your undying love for her, I think that could help you some and I can’t help projecting here, it would have made a world of difference to me.

    And if anyone can beat this, Reesa can, and heck you might give her the journal at her first teach in, or marriage, or Peace Corp signup.