May 14 2011

problem-solving weekend links

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A couple of these were found in an old draft from a month ago, but I added new ones as well…

A neat perspective on how often most people are attempting to solve the wrong problem

A new physics particle? or just a data blip?

Will any habitable exoplanets be found close enough? Centauri Dreams ponders this question…

Gay vigilantes fight back — what do you think?

Adventures in personal health insurance — one person’s experiences

Shady Characters — the secret life of punctuation ; interesting blog for writerly/editorly types about obscure punctuation marks and their history

Sadly, the Japan nuclear meltdown was worse than they were saying…

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  1. CHERYLon 28 May 2011 at 2:28 pm

    I just happened on your link regarding health insurance which was quite timely since my “official” termination date is imminent next month and I don’t know anything about COBRA, etc. Thanks.

    Hope you are doing well, under the circumstances.