Aug 13 2011

wandering weekend links

Tarantulas have double heartbeats?

Nature’s loudest mating call?

More on sentient non-human Earth creatures

Local coolness I wish I wish I wish I was healthy enough to do: indoor trampoline park

medical coolness:  synthetic tracheas and tailoring cancer treatment to specific genetic mutations (guess why I like this one, go on, guess, hehe)

keep your head clean: propaganda techniques Faux News uses

TEENS AND SEX — more openness needed, linked thanks to a timely conversation with a friend going through this very issue with what I believe to be an awesomely healthy attitude

An article on why young Americans no longer push back against the system; many good points

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  1. Cherylon 18 Aug 2011 at 10:59 am

    Re: Teens and Sex

    When my son left for college (having not had intercourse yet), I put condoms in his first aid kit and told him I wasn’t hoping for him to have sex with everyone, but i did want him to be safe! A couple of years later, when he visited with his girlfriend, I just asked if they wanted to share a room or not. It would seem awfully hypocritical for me to tell them not to sleep together “under my roof”.

    Another time, though, I was speaking with an acquaintance who told me her *adult* son was living with his girlfriend (and lying about it- he’d told her they were roommates, but in separate rooms, although she knew otherwise), and they would have to sleep separately at her house! My thought was that this might have something to do with the reason her son felt it necessary to lie about his housing arrangements! It seems that some parents would rather their children lie than have sex!!

    I don’t understand this reasoning. I figured you teach your child your values, your ethics, teach them about consequences. Then they grow up and you trust them to make their own choices.