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Sep 03 2011

working ahead weekend links

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In the interest of practicing getting back into the writing groove while trying to heal up, I’m trying to work a post or two ahead on some things, including these weekend links posts.  So some you may have seen as old news, or missed, or just have the privilege of seeing again!  As always, these are as up for discussion as anything else in this website (meaning all of it unless specifically labeled otherwise).

In other news, I’ll be glad when I finally get used to this new keyboard, I keep doing horrible things like losing chunks of written comments or losing open windows that I CAN’T blame on falling asleep over the keyboard.

writer geekiness about irony punctuation (the wikipedia version of one I think I’ve posted in a previous weekend link)

5 minute flash fiction contest; a quick way to get those creative juices flowing, have some fun, and get others looking at your work (they were “on tour” on a different blog last week so I presume will be back to this normal web location, but worth doing your homework ahead of time if you want to participate)

An article about MFA programs.  I’ve seen many people get burnt out on writing in taking such programs, so I’m interested in my readers’ take on both the article and the idea in general.

Facts about the Bible — truth about it from a writing and editing point of view

A planet made of diamond?  Wonder what else is out there…

beautiful mastectomy tattoo — only one of many ways to transform trauma

another way to show scars as the badges and beauty of living

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