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Sep 07 2011

Looking for work (very part-time)

While convalescing, I have a question for my writer and editor readers: how does one go about finding genuine slush-reading or copy-editing gigs?  They don’t need to be paying jobs, which I expect opens up the opportunities immensely, but while I am healing (which I’m told will take months), I’d like to be doing as much as I can to expand my writing and editing abilities.  I’ve been told that being a slush reader or first layer of copy-editor can give a ton of good experience in many areas of writing (including what not to do) in spades).

I can’t take on a large workload in such areas, as I have a lot of other things on my plate to juggle (first, that dedicated healing, as well as kid-care, and my own writing) but I think I have time and energy for a handful of stories per month.  What I don’t have time or energy for is wading through the spammish ads and websites out there for such things to find out where the genuine opportunities in such areas are.  That most definitely saps more time and energy than I have to spare while healing myself and being a mom and writer and household manager and all the other wonderful things I’m regaining as I continue to live and beat cancer.

So I ask you, faithful readers, if you have suggestions on how to narrow down that search, or even better, know of who might be looking for such people? I’d probably do my best work in the realms of horror, science fiction, fantasy, and mystery, but I’m also a fast learner.  I appreciate the help!

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