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Sep 17 2011

tracking weekend links

pigeons, pellets, and writers — I like what he has to say about controlling what you can and de-emphasizing the rest in motivational goads

On the local front, an informal support group that I enjoyed meeting recently:  Pink Ribbon Cowgirls

Not sure when the last time I linked to Jay Lake’s journal was, but it’s been very helpful to follow his during my own battles with cancer, even though his sounds like a drastically different experience than mine has been. That’s probably worth its own post, now that I think about it — how unique to each patient the cancer experience is.  What he has to say on this one is pretty rough…but not untrue.  And quite similar to another thriver of the disease

And this is why I’m only taking a short break from my PT

We might actually be able to start vaccinating for viruses one of these days…

Hover cars or planes? A little late for the Amazing Future once promised…

and one for my law school friend in Georgetown…

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