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Oct 24 2011

Back in the ER again…

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Should be the title or chorus of a country and western lament song.

The first one a few weeks ago might have been the flu.  Which Mary smart ly pointed out in the last post, the flu takes weeks to heal for healthy people.  This time, it’s a blood clot in my lung.

A blood clot in the lung can feel an awful lot like despair, did you know that?  Less oxygen to the brain and all that.

Web comments, emails, or text are best ways to ahold of me right now as talking uses air and I like to talk, and every time I do the machine beeps at me and I have to stop and breathe.

Or if you’re looking for a mostly-captive audience to talk someone’s ear off about some life issue without a lot of advice but tons of smiles and nods and grunts of compassions or whatever, come visit me, I’m your person.  Right now I’m in the ICU room 15 and those are more restricted, I think to 1 (maybe 2) people at a time and no kiddies, but they’ll be moving me soon and I’ll update as more news is known.

Same hospital, I’d be crazy to go elsewhere at this point.   And they got me on med regimen right off this time.

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