Oct 28 2011


Published by Reesa at 11:20 am under Writing, health

They think they’ve identified the correct antibiotic I need and have started me on it, taking blood cultures today and tomorrow to ensure the correct response, but last night the fever spikes weren’t as bad.  Everyone is being great as usual, half of them remember me so I’m not having nearly the problems I was the first couple of times I was here.  I missed out on hearing my mom’s own return-to-hospital drama so will hopefully get caught up on that news later today.  The infection is either in my open wound under my left arm, even though the discharge isn’t infectious, or in the port cath itself, which may mean another surgery to remove and replace the one I have.  And that’s the News as known today.  Still writing new things, though no more on the brand new shiny thing, not quite sure where I want to take it, hopefully one of my writer friends will be one of the visitors and we can brainstorm this week.

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