Nov 12 2011

intriguing weekend links

Remember that frozen lake they found in Antarctica? We could learn a ton of cool things about our Earth as long as we are careful in examining it

Scientists work on better ways to identify circulating cancer tumor cells in the bloodstream – this is DEFINITELY an area I’d like us to see money spent on

Both good and bad for the environment, but interesting regardless in its uses — foamed roads

Since it’s been a while since I’ve linked to BLDGBLOG, here’s a double feeding — plus the title is a great pun

This experiment we are already doing to our baby, thanks to an excellent and educational conversation with txanne and John Singer a few years ago: Hearing Bilingual

Just in case you needed to know, how much effort a suit of armor adds to treadmill walking, I suppose for those knights who don’t have time to change between jousting and the gym…

Dragon Mom — one woman’s thoughts about parenting terminally ill children.  Not easy reading, but probably worth it.

An article to remind us that “habitable exoplanet” doesn’t have to mean easily habitable or even habitable by humans

possible theory on how planets get their water…and maybe how Earth got ours

crowdsourcing?  no, crimesourcing

and a really important article on how words that we all think we understand the meaning of might not be used the same ways, especially when scientists are attempting to communicate on an issue to “the public”

12 Responses to “intriguing weekend links”

  1. Momon 13 Nov 2011 at 7:33 am

    On Dragon Mom: She has shared the secret of parenting: “Parenting, I’ve come to understand, is about loving my child today. Now. In fact, for any parent, anywhere, that’s all there is.

    I love you

  2. Mary Basson 16 Nov 2011 at 7:49 pm

    I am so terribly sorry about anyone who is terminally ill, especially a child. I am so terribly sorry about any parent who loses a child due to illness or an accident (which is what took my beloved daughter when she was 17) or whatever.

    My prayers are that parents who lose children — which is the greatest loss of all and one that a parent never gets over — will gain new wisdom in what life is about, will gain new empathy for others, and will gain new personal strengths to be able to keep on keeping on.

    I take exception, however, to the Dragon Mom’s comment that, “like all great love stories, it is a story of loss”. Great love stories, even those which include loss (and all of them do not) should lead those who have lived them to the deepest understanding of what REAL love is all about. Thankfully, I’ve lived and am living a primary great love story as well as a number of secondary ones. The love story I lived with my daughter, even though one of loss, was filled with so very much more than the loss of her. If all I chose to dwell on was the loss of her then she could not possibly still be alive for me; alive in my memories, in my heart, and in my spirit. And she is very much alive to me even after many years.

    The loss is not the focus. The life and the love are.

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