Sep 04 2011

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Reesa Brown is currently living and writing just north of Austin in the Hill Country area of central Texas. She’s living in Casa Eliot Brown with her senior sys-admin husband Nathaniel Eliot; their super-son Dylan (usually referred to as “The Teen” — formerly “The Kid” — in these entries); their new infant Iliana (who goes by “Wednesday” in these entries); and their live-in helper Vicki — who plays a vitally helpful role in caring for Wednesday and Reesa (as well as the rest of the household) — due to one being a new person and the other healing from metastatic breast cancer; and two 16-year-old cats who haven’t yet noticed they aren’t kittens anymore.  She has one of the best groups of loving family and friends available on this planet, which is a large part of the reason she’s still alive keep writing these words, which will now become first-person.

As a child I really liked some advice given to eager young writers to accumulate life experiences and a varied perspective through a variety of interesting jobs. As an adult I’ve firmly committed to the jill-of-all-trades skill acquisition path, and depending on how you count it I’m on at least my fifth career, all with some measure of professional success achieved (and hopefully more to come on the current ones). And that’s just the more dedicated careers, not to mention the quite quirky collection of jobs to pay the bills in-between — like horse vulva washer, body piercer, and even food service management. Do I think the early advice helped my writing? I think it’s certainly not the only path to a writerly perspective, but I’ve enjoyed the variety and learned quite a bit along the way so I can say it’s worked for me.

I’ve since “settled down” to a life of life of full-time writing…and parenting Team Genius for the next generation…and plotting how to change the world without having to take it over evil-overlord-style…and learning to make a tasty loaf of wheat bread, among many other passions.  For fun and catwaxing I try to learn at least three new skills per year, though where the year is measured may flex a bit.

I’m working fiercely on building my writing career, though this has been drastically slowed down over the past few years with the need to focus on health issues as I’ve battled breast cancer twice (and won against it twice!).  But I haven’t stopped writing, and I won’t stop.  I will keep fighting cancer, and winning (and hopefully beat it into long-term remission); and keep writing, and finishing, and sending out as many tales as possible to provide the titillation, thrills, and enjoyment you’ve come to expect from these pages and my stories.

I’ll figure it out, like I do, since I have the best people I can imagine available to me to help achieve these and any other goals that I find inspiring, and I plan to be around for many years to come.  I write in a variety of genres including horror, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, young adult, non-fiction (traveling), and any other topic that catches my interest, though my current main focus and interest is horror.

It’s often a hard life, but oh so beautiful as well.

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