May 23 2010

Cancer Chronicles

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Here is where I compile the links to the Cancer Chronicles blog posts (“me vs. cancer=I win” category tag), you can catch up or re-read in order. For those of you who still want to help out on medical bills, we’re accepting PayPal payments at the address and will have a link to that directly up here soon-ish (for now you can just go through the PayPal site).

Blog warning — trauma ahead (4/1/10)

Miracles still happen! Or, we win! (4/1/10)

Non-chronological beginning (4/3/10)

Emotional rollercoasters (4/4/10)

Second part of brief overview (4/9/10)

Chemical conundrums (4/15/10)

Return of the links! (4/18/10) (ASC link)

SpinAThon signal boost (4/19/10)

recovery lessons, a sampling so far (4/21/10)

Ultrasound and draining (4/22/10)

SpinAThon about to spin! (4/30/10)

SpinAThon is live! (4/30/10)

Actual post about writing (5/3/10)

Vigil Week (bare bones version) (5/7/10)

Auction Deadline today! (5/8/10)

Benefit auction is live! (5/10/10)

Quick update, too busy writing (5/17/10)

Internal dialogue (good morning edition) (5/21/10)

Not dead after all (5/23/10)

Life and writing things update (6/2/10)

Throwing money at the double standard (6/4/10)

Happy Birthday To Me (6/11/10)

Writing lesson for the day (6/13/10)

paying it forward (6/15/10)

Denying Death’s Due (8/2/10)

adventures in mammography (8/3/10)

Milestones (8/6/10)

Recovery Room (8/11/10)

Questions? (8/26/10)

answers re: sexuality (8/31/10)

A Tale of Perfect Breasts Gone Rogue (9/8/10)

Don’t Tell Me How to Feel (9/11/10)

State of the Writer (10/01/10)

Breast Cancer Awareness Month (10/18/10)

Realistic Recovery Rates (11/14/10)

Process Analysis Progress (11/22/10)

Living Thanks (11/25/10)

(got pregnant in July; during the pregnancy I began experiencing ever-increasing amounts of pain, mostly in my hip and back. It was for several months diagnosed as problems, possibly structural, relating to the pregnancy and we tried many things including drugs and physical therapy to alleviate it.  By the 8th month of pregnancy the pain was so bad I could do nothing but sit around the house crying or attempting to rest, as sleep deprivation had become chronic.  We finally went to the hospital and convinced them to do an MRI, and here is where the story changes, from primary to metastatic cancer. The posts after this point are about the “second verse, worse than the first” tale of breast cancer as I have experienced it so far; meaning, anything above this point feels like “part 1”, and everything below this point feels like “part 2” of this overall cancer experience.)

random fetal (and host mother) update (3/15/11)

Big News; Bad News; Baby News (4/09/11)

Week One of Radiation, part 1 (4/16/11)

More Week 1 Radiation Tales (4/18/11)

Radiating into Week 2… (4/19/11)

Not quite glowing yet… (4/28/11)

Noting Energy Trends (5/1/11)

In-between (5/6/11)

whirlwind week, plus actual good-news bits (5/10/11)

Further chemo prep adventures (5/12/11)

Despair’s Siren (6/30/11)

When Babies Attack (7/6/11)0

Rub the Head for Health (7/16/11)

Body Memory Quirks (7/16/11)

Crazy Hospital Happenings (7/18/11)

Home Again, Home Again (too Much Jiggedy-Jog) (7/29/11)

Thoughts on Doing Too Much (8/19/11)

From Death Into Life Through Truth (second verse, harder than the first) (8/22/11)

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  1. Cherylon 25 Aug 2011 at 5:14 pm

    Wow! This is a lot of organization. It certainly helps for those of us who came in mid-drama.

  2. RIP Reesa Brown | Literary Austinon 13 Jan 2012 at 2:58 pm

    […] health allowed, and leaves behind a number of pieces, including the Chrysalis project. Reesa also chronicled her cancer journey regularly, until she was too ill to do […]

  3. Elizabeth Wawrzaszekon 13 Jan 2012 at 7:25 pm

    Dearest family,

    I have never know any of you personally. I am a close friend of Nate’s mom, Holly. I just got word of Reesa passing, and want to express my condolences. Not sure if this is the proper place, however your Mom, Holly taught me to love all of you. We have shared so many confidences over the years, that she made me feel like I belonged to her family. Please know, that I have studied the blogs she has posted, and know her to be a wonderful woman of many talents.

    Peace I send to each of you. Love Elizabeth Kay Wawarzaszek (aka Lizzy to your mom and Pat). Your family will always be a part of my heart.

    Love Lizzy