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Sep 20 2011

wound tracking (TMI warning)

My underarm is not supposed to make a sound like air escaping from a blown-up balloon as you pinch it just enough to let air out from the blowing end.  There’s obviously a hole somewhere.  Thankfully the doc appointment is tomorrow.  But oh how gross.  I hope it’s something to do with the broken drain on that side, and not something worse.  Gross, ugh, gross.

The left side, that just had the completion mastectomy, at least is healing beautifully.  The drain holes on that side huuuurt.  But otherwise it’s fine.  I’m worried about what we’re going to do about the right side, even though I know worrying is wasted energy.  It is what it is, and will be, and I’ll survive it.

I’m worried about the scans on Wednesday, and what we’ll learn from that.  I suspect that each scan will be met with some trepidation ahead of time, even when I’m healed and healthy and just doing my two-month maintenance scans.  After all, that’s the first sign that something goes wrong, is if those scans change what they tell us.  I trust my doctor implicitly, I know he already has a plan B, C, and D in place for whatever shows up, but I’m so ready for some time to just follow a plan A for myself for a while: heal myself, take care of my kids and my family, write my stories of fear and joy, finish my collaborative art project with my artist friend who I believe strongly in, travel around and learn more about this crazy and terrible and beautiful world we live in, and test clean and consistent on my 2-month scans repeatedly.  Reconnect with others, make some sort of difference in peoples’ lives for the better, fill myself and the world with joy because we could always use more of that.  Love.  Live.

But first, gotta get past this gross wound-healing stage.  Wish me a speedier and complication-free healing from here on out, as you have the time and energy to do so.  And spare a moment or three to send good vibes to all those affected by the Bastrop fires — or even better than Facebook-style vibes, find out ways you can help them re-build. (Like I said, we’ve got a full shed that Eric or anyone else with a truck can come scavenge to their hearts’ content; it’s not doing us any good with the stuff just sitting out there not being used. Contact us if you want to be one of those people.)

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Sep 15 2011

Reader question: business card design(er)

I’d like business cards, that can be handed out at cons and such (since of course I’ll get healthy enough to travel and go to cons and such).  I know I want to incorporate the themes/aspects of writing and phoenix in the design, while keeping it simple enough to not overwhelm (keeping to good business sense/practice in the designing).  Since they’re writer business cards, while I can have stuff printed on both sides, there does need to be a little blank room kept (perhaps on the back) to jot a quick line or two of note down if needed during card trade-off.  Color is fine; bold and eye-catching while not too cluttered would be fantastic.  I have enough artistic readers out there, can anyone point me in the direction of someone who would be willing to work with me on such a thing?  Payment can be in money, trade, certain favors, or whatever other fair exchange we can devise.  Message me here or in the many other places you can reach me, if this is you or someone you know, and let’s talk!

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Sep 12 2011

Polling readers: creative fun

I have my own ideas I’m pondering, but I’d like to hear your thoughts as well.  What more would you like to see on this blog and website?  I’m loving the things I’m finding like the 5 Minute Flash Fiction contest by Leah Petersen, or when writers give away advance copies of their new releases in mini-contests, or blogathons, or all sorts of creative and/or collaborative projects or one-offs that you can trip over all across the ‘net.

So here we already have my talks in random order about my cancer journey, perhaps (likely) to be more organized later, and weekend links from the interesting things I find during my own internet journeys, but tell me, oh Fearless Readers, what else would you like to see here, semi-regularly or randomly?  Or on my Twitter account, for example?  I keep thinking there’s something on the tip of my brain I could do with that but so far it still hasn’t gelled into useful creative output.  More free fiction, assuming my creative well keeps filling?   I’m not reading much in the way of books lately, but discussions on various shows I’m watching from a writer perspective?  What appeals to you from other writer blogs that you think would represent well here?

Since I’m doing my own ponderings along these lines I can’t promise delivery upon request, but on the other side, you can’t get what you don’t ask for, either.  Anyone?  Bueller?  I’m definitely interested in collaborative and cross-genre, or even cross-art projects, and still have a good one in the working stages coming to you soon from the first round of the cancer experience, once we work out some final visual details and I can move forward onto other ambitious and provocative projects.  After all, though none of us know how long we have here to get done our most ambitious and beautiful dreams, I’ve just received some more pointed reminders than most.  And I have some great friends, loved ones, and children to leave legacy for…

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May 21 2010

Internal dialogue (good morning edition)

Writing-mind: “Hey, I’m in physical rehab too, ya know.  There’s only so much energy to go around.  You aren’t bitching out the OTHER minds for operating in fits and starts…”

Get-Shit-Done-mind: *raises one eyebrow* “Uh, have you HEARD some of my conversations with exercise-mind? You’re getting the same breaks as everyone else, baby.” *pokes W-M with stick* “Now, work! We can’t very well establish a ‘daily writing routine’ if you won’t at least TRY to write some words every day, cancer recovery or not.”

Writing-mind: “Nope, huh uh, I’m tired. And achey. And cranky.  Make exercise-mind work.  Or how about errand-mind, she’s been sitting on her ass for most of the last nine months. ”

GSD-mind: *looks skeptical* “Your ‘rehab’ looks a lot like ‘avoidance’ from over here.”

Writing-mind: “No, hey!  Out of the house equals adventure!  Observing humanity!  Pattern recognition! Fodder for writing ideas!”

GSD-mind: *rolls eyes* “We have not yet had problems with the idea pipeline, even during the worst of times.  Look at you!  I assign you one simple task from the list, “pick which story to write next”.  Simple friggin’ to-do item, easy check-off.  But noooooo, YOU decided that was some kind of challenge and now instead of picking between two story ideas, we have EIGHT.”

Writing-mind: “Hey, four of them already have titles, even!  This is work, we’re working here!  Also, hungry.  And tired. Wouldn’t moving around do some good?”

GSD-mind: “Well, we do want to get moving earlier in the morning to see how that works for loosening up throughout the day, and…hey! I see your tricks.  We aren’t leaving this house until YOU write some words.”

Writing-mind: “Oh yeah? What if I just put little quote marks “around everything”?”

GSD-mind: “Nope.  You can write dialogue, though, if you feel like writing quote-marks.”

Writing-mind: “You won’t complain about what I write, I just put some words down on one of our projects?”

GSD-mind: “Sure, writing words equals no complaints.”

Writing-mind: “And the blog counts as one of our projects, right?”

GSD-mind: “Counts as two or three of them, if you look at the Callie project, Cancer Chronicles, and writing posts.”

Writing-mind: “Agreed then, no take-backs! I’m off to write down this conversation as a blog post.”

GSD-mind: “Hey, that’s totally cheating!”

Writing-mind: “You didn’t say no cheating.  Now, go wake up errand-mind, I’m going back to bed.”

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Apr 19 2010

SpinAThon signal boost!

Andrea and others are organizing a marathon fiber-spinning-and-knitting event called SpinAThon to help raise funds for our copious medical expenses incurred from the recent breast cancer adventure. It’s happening May 1st (and hopefully May 2nd as well, if we get enough donations!) in the Austin area and occasionally elsewhere — and we’re broadcasting the volunteer spinners and knitters on internet-streaming webcam so you can watch the progress in your own home!

How can you help? Well, sponsoring several minutes (or hours) of spinning will most definitely help us, both in the raising of funds and in making SpinAThon a more noticeable event. (Last I checked we were already up to 18 hours; our goal is to reach 48 hours or more.) As little as $5.00 will sponsor 5 minutes of spinning, and larger donations will sponsor fiber time at the same $1 per minute rate. Visit the main SpinAThon page and click the “Donate” button there (found just above the pictures of me) if you want to jump directly to the donating part.

If you can’t donate funds but still want to help, here are a few ways:

Are you local to Austin, TX or not local but with a webcam, and do you spin or knit? Consider joining the volunteer spinners and knitters practicing their craft for the event. Contact Andrea ( to get more details on how to sign up for this and when to schedule your spinning time. She can also help you get set up with the free streaming webcam service several spinners are using for the SpinAThon.

If you don’t knit or spin, and can’t afford to donate at this time, consider linking to this post or to the SpinAThon website itself and spreading the word. The more people who know about this, the more likely we are to reach our goals and create an awesome event for everyone!

And of course, the days of the SpinAThon itself, you can watch the progress of the volunteers as they create the novel sport of endurance fibercraft on Live (Really)Reality (Internet)TV! Any questions not answered here? Check out our SpinAThon FAQ (90% written by yours truly) or contact Andrea directly with your question. You can also leave questions in the comments on this post or over on the Reesa Brown Fan Page where it’s also linked.

Thanks to everyone for all the help that continues to come in, it makes a positive difference in my recovery!

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Dec 31 2009

End of year summary (plus, a story!)

This year has been full of grief, change, healing, recovery, and much more. I know 2009 has been a year of upheaval for many of you out there reading, as well. Hopefully as the calendar year closes, more of you than not are seeing the light around the bend before the end of the tunnel, at the very least. We’ve got a few more rocky months ahead before our own smooth sailing here, but we’re an awesome family with wonderful friends, which makes the turbulent journey easier.

As I mentioned, it’s been a long, slow, recovery year, which has meant a fairly lean year for new words written. Still, I’m 3 chapters into the novel’s new draft, and the work is still going on that, enough that I have hope someday (perhaps even in 2010!) it will grow into a finished draft. I missed being in this year’s Arse Elektronika as planned due to the double whammy of major health issues and a crashed computer with lost files. However, I still managed to get two short stories written in 2009. One is still out circulating, looking for a published home. (That would be “The Entirely Explainable Expiration of Elmer the Cat”.)

The second is actually co-authored, and contained below in the remainder of this post for your viewing pleasure. This is actually still in its second draft, as I’m waiting to hear back from my co-author on which parts need to change to suit his vision. He was the idea-man on this particular story, and probably the only other relevant piece of info to help you understand this story is that my idea-man is coming up on his 12th birthday in April. It was certainly a writerly challenge to fit all the various pieces of ideas into a semi-coherent narrative. (I strongly suspect we’ve “borrowed” from several recent movie and videogame plots for many of these ideas, given my idea-guy’s preference for large amounts of television.) I think it turned into a fun story, though perhaps one that may borrow a bit too heavily from others to be publishable elsewhere… (Note: Neither author had seen “Shaun of the Dead” when the story was written, but I understand there are some similar plot points there as well.)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy our collaborative effort as you enter into 2010 — may it be a better year for all of us than 2009 was.

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