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Jun 26 2010

Console gaming: the next step

Thanks so much to everyone who commented!  We also asked around at Nathan’s work and of people we encountered, and we made a little pro/con fact list for each of the XBox 360, Wii, and PS3.  Family consensus seemed to agree that the XBox 360 was the most desirable all around.  Next up: which games do you like, those of you who play the XBox?

We’re supposed to steer clear of ultra-violent games, at least at first. The Kid also has, for now, a disturbing level of the “lowest-common-denominator American” social programming from his previous environment, which means among other things that he gets abnormally frustrated at not doing well right away at attempted activities, especially competitive games.  So if there are games that start out easy and get progressively more challenging, or aren’t especially score/competition-based, those might be good ones to start with for us.  Regardless, what would you recommend as fun for adults; 12-year-olds; and group family games?

Someone recommended Fable as a good family RPG-style game, any other thoughts on this or other similar games?  The Kid listened to us describe RPGs (both the table-top and computer versions) and decided (unsurprisingly) that he’s interested in trying a computerized or console version.  We’re definitely open to other types of games than RPGs, of course.

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Jun 23 2010

Calling all console gamers…

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We are discussing with The Kid which game console to buy for the household.  We certainly think that 12-year-old boys should be able to keep up socially with at least some of the games currently popular.  On the other hand, he’ll likely be wanting us to play with him when he doesn’t have other friends over, so we want to make sure whatever we buy will have some games suitable for our interests as well.  The Kid has suggested an XBox 360 or XBox Live, I’ve liked what I’ve seen so far of the Wii, and Nathan has no strong opinion except to get more information. So it’s polling the internets time!

What, if any, are the social impressions attached to particular consoles? (Are there some that are “more cool/more lame” than others, and if so what’s the spectrum?)

What console(s) seems to have quality games produced regularly for it? (if that even happens anymore? It’s been 15 years since I last owned one — from the Playstation era)

Are there any consoles yet that will play games from other manufacturers, or are they STILL doing the proprietary game crap?

Do you have particular favorites/most hated consoles, and why for each?

Do you have an opinion on which console would best suit our family needs? (decent games, with at least some appeal to a broad age spectrum)

Thanks for the help, Fearless Readers!

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