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Nov 12 2011

intriguing weekend links

Remember that frozen lake they found in Antarctica? We could learn a ton of cool things about our Earth as long as we are careful in examining it

Scientists work on better ways to identify circulating cancer tumor cells in the bloodstream — this is DEFINITELY an area I’d like us to see money spent on

Both good and bad for the environment, but interesting regardless in its uses — foamed roads

Since it’s been a while since I’ve linked to BLDGBLOG, here’s a double feeding — plus the title is a great pun

This experiment we are already doing to our baby, thanks to an excellent and educational conversation with txanne and John Singer a few years ago: Hearing Bilingual

Just in case you needed to know, how much effort a suit of armor adds to treadmill walking, I suppose for those knights who don’t have time to change between jousting and the gym…

Dragon Mom — one woman’s thoughts about parenting terminally ill children.  Not easy reading, but probably worth it.

An article to remind us that “habitable exoplanet” doesn’t have to mean easily habitable or even habitable by humans

possible theory on how planets get their water…and maybe how Earth got ours

crowdsourcing?  no, crimesourcing

and a really important article on how words that we all think we understand the meaning of might not be used the same ways, especially when scientists are attempting to communicate on an issue to “the public”

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Oct 29 2011

weekend links ongoing

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Species matter — how many, how many are here, how many are dying…

Is our moon necessary for life?  I love it when scientists argue like this…

Yay, more genome sequencing!  My Mom said she used to use these lizards as earrings as a kid.  Rural outdoorsy old-time fun…

Overcoming centuries of prejudice just in time for big business to exploit the continent they’ve ignored so far…

…while we let our future frontier potential get farther away by the year.  Great article by Neal Stephenson along the lines of “where are my jetpacks and flying cars?”

I’ve never been a diet-obsessed person nor ever before had to worry much about my weight, as the old “eat reasonably and get a reasonable amount of physical activity” always worked for me. However, with the recent cancer battle combined with the mid-30s slowing of metabolism, I’m going to have to pay a little closer attention to “eat right and exercise” if I want to get back anywhere close to my former healthier body shape and condition.  Here’s an article hinting at why some people may be having problems with even that strategy…

good advice on choosing language when writing historical fiction

Futurist fiction become reality? This reminds me quite a bit of Elizabeth Moon’s Speed of Dark

What is it about the passive voice that gets people all fussy? Especially when most of the people griping either use it themselves or can’t adequately define it.

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Oct 16 2011

conflicting weekend links

Drugs are bad. Drugs are good.  Bad drugs are good.  Good drugs are bad. Wait. Bad drugs made in a lab are good.  No wait, designer drugs are bad.  Hey wait, this “bad drug” can do a good thing in a lab.  But…but…uh….

Girls who are boys who want boys to be girls…I really love the fact that doctors can give delayed puberty medication to kids who are trying to figure out what gender they want to be when they grow up, one of those rare compassionate medical science manifestations.

More on habitable exoplanets — which at this rate we’ll probably never get to explore, except in our fiction…

…or perhaps in bodies better able to survive the trip than our own.  Made in our own images? downloadable minds? multiple minds inhabiting one manufactured body? All topics guaranteed to cause endless debate and argument…

I love haptic tech, and this one could even be useful to blind people, though it didn’t start out with that in mind.

Speaking of conflict, I love honesty from the ultra-rich, it always tends to cause an uproar

Why fixing the primaries is harder than it looks

Two good headlines:  We Need a New System and Terrorism Can’t Be Taken Out and Shot

And yet more realistic predictions about the death of the American dream at least the one of American dominance

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Oct 09 2011

far-reaching weekend links

necropants, anyone? some interesting Iclandic folklore

Scientists need to read more science fiction if they’re just now thinking of growing their own food to travel to other planets…

…and gamers beat the scientists at their own game by solving an AIDS research problem, gaming style.

I would totally get injected with tumor-killing nanospiders if necessary.

More science fiction fun, a Tattooine-style planet discovered with two suns

Do you want to be a planet hunter?  Some of them are already finding planets

Live tiny cypher-makers are cool, but how do you transport the bacteria discreetly?

This sort of redesigning of education (in this case homework) excites me.  Now if only the system would actually DO it…

Interesting article about polyamory to think about. I’ve certainly been a proponent of the notion that in a “simple” triad, you have each person’s relationship with themselves that MUST be counted along with the dyad pairings and triad dynamic to start to get a true scope of the number of relationships you’re dealing with.  It’s hard enough over the course of a lifetime for people to get more than a murky understanding of the inside of their own heads, much less find compatible neuroses with just one other person for any length of time in a healthy fashion. Attempt to add in a third person and you’re doing that all over again multiple times; is it any wonder most people think poly folk are crazy or that most poly relationships fail in spectacular fashion?  Everyone involved has to start from a level of maturity most people don’t achieve to have a chance in hades of surviving the ride…and here’s yet another article backing up these sorts of thoughts to read and ponder.

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Sep 24 2011

weekend links smorgasboard

Broken ideas and repairing them has certainly been on my mind a lot lately, and I’m not the only one.

Why am I not surprised at who this woman’s biggest critics are?

Pronouns galore! How do you use them?

One of the many reasons I’m so very glad to be on Medicaid…

Scientist squabbles amuse me at times; this one is over a measly 200 million year age difference in the moon…

neo-nematodes?  and a 21st amino acid (artificially constructed).   Those wacky scientists keep at it…

…while this information shows that climate change is alive and well and happening as we live, whether you call it global warming or something less political. The animals at least know what’s up

Regardless of how the publishing industry(ies) will end up changing, people still crave Story, and that’s not in danger of demise anytime soon…

…but I’m not really sure I agree with this premise.  I don’t own any of the kindle/nook/e-reader formats so I don’t know how easy they are to navigate but I expect this “codex” argument is fixable if it exists.

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Sep 09 2011

wacky weekend links

Mom, I suspect you’ll love these.  Use them as ceramic inspiration!  Kobi Levi Footwear Design

Redefining biology all over the place, we learned more about the emergence of birds from a previous weekend link, and now mammals get a closer look at when they first arrived on the scene.

Anyone want to check the math on this? Who owns America?

I’ve been saying for years that good science and art are a blend. Check this link out.

Real-life hidden da Vinci secrets? look behind this wall and find out…

and what about life on Mars?

When you watch too many cop shows…bad things can happen to normal people

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Aug 13 2011

wandering weekend links

Tarantulas have double heartbeats?

Nature’s loudest mating call?

More on sentient non-human Earth creatures

Local coolness I wish I wish I wish I was healthy enough to do: indoor trampoline park

medical coolness:  synthetic tracheas and tailoring cancer treatment to specific genetic mutations (guess why I like this one, go on, guess, hehe)

keep your head clean: propaganda techniques Faux News uses

TEENS AND SEX — more openness needed, linked thanks to a timely conversation with a friend going through this very issue with what I believe to be an awesomely healthy attitude

An article on why young Americans no longer push back against the system; many good points

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Jul 31 2011

held-over weekend links

had a back-log built up, didn’t want to spend the links all at once, ya know.

From the always-intriguing BLDGBLOG, you’ll never fail to get my attention with a mention of secret rooms

When I’m a more “established writer” by their qualifications, I totally want to attend this

I might have linked to this before, but tattoos that track glucose are worth linking to again due to both coolness factor and health usefulness…

Long and involved but still worth reading about why the right to privacy is more than having nothing to hide…

It may not be the “god particle” but CERN might be getting closer to the Higgs boson particle

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Jul 18 2011

Crazy Hospital Happenings

You know it’s finally time to get out of here when the new admittee across the hall is not only ill, but suffering from some sort of dementia that is causing him to repeatedly yell “help!! help!! get out of my house!!” Which means the rest of us get late meds and short shrift as the poor overworked nurses have to deal with the crazy person they didn’t even get warned about.

Thankfully, it looks like discharge date might be sometime Wednesday.  We’ve got a trial-period live-in help, a pain regimen that is working CLOSE to what we want and may very likely work better once it’s more under my control and not dementia-distracted nurse control, and I’m working on my PT to rebuild my muscular system to help protect my poor hole-riddled skeletal system.

I’m sure you’re all anticipating the story of the saga of how I switched from a near-“terminal” cancer patient to one who is riding out Wednesday with a good chance of years’ more survival, and I think writing about it in bits and pieces will be good for me and my continued healing.  Along those lines, please any of you feel free to ask questions about particular things you’re interesting in hearing more about from the last two months, it will help me get some focus since, my goodness, there’s so very much to write about.

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May 14 2011

problem-solving weekend links

A couple of these were found in an old draft from a month ago, but I added new ones as well…

A neat perspective on how often most people are attempting to solve the wrong problem

A new physics particle? or just a data blip?

Will any habitable exoplanets be found close enough? Centauri Dreams ponders this question…

Gay vigilantes fight back — what do you think?

Adventures in personal health insurance — one person’s experiences

Shady Characters — the secret life of punctuation ; interesting blog for writerly/editorly types about obscure punctuation marks and their history

Sadly, the Japan nuclear meltdown was worse than they were saying…

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