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Oct 07 2008

Oh the science of it all!

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Ah yes, a grand little evening sitting around watching the Mediators break up a drunken conflict. That crazy Starl.

On the creating side, a precise, behind-the-scenes peek at the arduous creative process:

Reesa: Who gets injured?

Steve: I think S.

Kit: I was thinking L.

Reesa: I was thinking S or L.

Steve: I’ll flip you for it; you want to land on your head or your tail?

Kit: Tail.

Reesa: You could flip the dog.

Kit: She wouldn’t cooperate.

Steve: Perfect, here’s a penny.

Reesa: Lost relic of our economy, determine our future.

Steve: Heads it’s L, tails it’s S.

Reesa: Wait, where did it go?

Kit: I heard it hit over there.

Steve: Tails.

Reesa: S then! Ahh, high literary science at work.

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Sep 29 2008

Day 1 of the conference (at least, what I remember)

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Kit and I missed the panels that happened before ours, but thanks to the wonders of sexy technology, we can go listen to them as posted mp3s at Arse Elektronika’s website. The conference was aural ecstasy: voices from all over the globe filling the air with delicious ideas and discourse, echoing in a space that appears as a blend of an industrial warehouse and a theater.

I took a few scattered notes on the two panels that came after ours. The first was a two-person presentation and talk about transparency, oversharing, and how you decide how much to share of yourself on the internet (and the consequences of those choices). I felt the speakers, Susan Mernit and Viviane, raised a couple of interesting questions that I will enjoy thinking over and discussing with other more local minds.

The second panel was an informal two-person discussion about sex in science fiction from the 50s through the 80s, between author Richard Kadrey and AE host Johannes Grenzfurthner. I found the talk interesting, but more immediately noticed that it is hard not to adore Johannes; he’s the perfect person to lead the conference, full of vibrant energy and thought-provoking ideas and questions, funny and personable. Not to mention the hot accent–add German to the list of languages I enjoy hearing spoken (on the level of “here, read from this menu, I’ll just listen moistly over here”).

We came back to the hotel to rest a bit and eat, intending on attending the AE readings going on nearby starting at 9pm. We chatted a bit about notes I’d taken on our presentation–parts we’d glossed over or skipped, physical notes about fidgeting, gestures, and the like, what to improve next time–then dozed off for “just a few minutes”…

Yeah, missed the readings. We were tired monkeys. It was a good rest and obviously needed, but I was pretty disappointed to miss the evening’s event. Our hotel room is strange; the hotel itself is historic and very nice, but our room was discounted, I assume because its room window is permanently boarded up (probably due to the humming machinery outside it) as well as plywood covering the broken bathroom window. And no towel rack or thermostat. Thankfully, the bathroom plywood was loose enough that we didn’t have too many problems with air circulation. Still, weird that they would rent it out at half-off rather than repair it and charge higher rates. The doors carry sound but the walls themselves are some of the thickest of any hotel in which I’ve stayed. The wood replacing the windows means that very little light gets into the room–waking up Saturday morning was fairly disorienting.

And that’s as good a lead-in to the next Day as any, so I’ll end the post here for now. Must check out of this historic hotel and go back to our little glorified motel near the airport for our final day’s stay in San Francisco.

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Sep 27 2008

travel update blip

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Made it through our presentation, about as perfectly as it could go given our level of preparedness and non-rehearsal.  Other talks were good.  We’re running a bit behind this morning, as we needed to walk to a drugstore to get an ankle brace since Kit’s ankle is still bothering him.  Now we have snacks and just need to clean up, re-dress, and catch the bus to the conference.  This is Day 2, Technology, and all the talks promise to be quite interesting.

I hope to be working on a more detailed post about Day One, but no time right now as we need to be as little late as possible.  Everyone at the conference is cool and interesting and sexy and beautiful and quirky and the pigeons here are HUGE.

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Jul 04 2008

Fear and excitement

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Fear-of-heights check: inconclusive

Body-seriously-fucked check: affirmative

I rather think that I won’t know if I have a fear of heights until my body is working more the way I’m used to, and it’s quite possible by that time I’ll have engendered a phobia from not trusting my body. I’ll keep climbing, keep stretching, pick a little higher rock as a goal each time. We’ll see whether my body bends or my mind breaks first. Yay self-experimentation.

In other interesting climbing news, I talked Kit into taking the orientation class last night, and he took to it like a monkey in a tree, like Andrea did to her spinning, like a cliche clings to a bad metaphor. It was really nice to see him excited and charged up on the exertion high afterward, hopefully he’ll keep coming back. Yay catalyst goodness for others.

Especially because I think I need a smaller harness; mine fits fine now, but if I lose any more weight at all (likely) I won’t be able to tighten it at the waist any further. So if we take Kit shopping for gear then he can have mine and I can get a new one.

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