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Jun 17 2008


I just had a lovely mood booster arrive in my email; you may recall me mentioning some time ago about my flash fiction story “The Reap Assessors” being accepted for publication in the “Taking Flight” anthology from the Triangulation anthology series. Tonight I received this after a sweaty and stinky few hours cleaning out a freezer that Steve lost electricity on with meat still inside and fixing up the utility room right purty-like:

Oh, and I like to open my anthologies with something short, punchy, and
fun — something that a reader will read fast and hopefully entice them
into reading some more. This year, that’d be you; you’re batting lead-off.

You might imagine a reaction of delighted laughter and exultation, and you would be correct. You might even add in some bouncing and waving about of exuberant hands, and also be correct.  Now I’m off to wake my mom at 1:30 in the morning to tell her, since I was convinced by my roomies that it was the sort of thing a mom would want to be awakened for.

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