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Nov 05 2010

Writing update

As I might have already mentioned, I’m bending my traditional dislike of NaNoWriMo enough this year to participate, after a fashion. Instead of a new project, I’m using it as a goad to spur more writing on the long-overdue-to-be-DONE-already novel. I’m also allowing words on the Callie project or the Amazon short story to count. So far I’ve made wordcount, this week so far by an about equal split between novel writing and Callie stuff (had to go retro-engineer a plot outline of sorts for the Callie entries so far, or I was in danger of missing earlier-laid threads and creating more inconsistencies than I’d like). There will also be a new Callie post, but I’ll put it up Monday, as I’ve found that if I put them up going into the weekend then vastly fewer people read and respond to it. I am hoping this weekend to finally bull through a draft of the short story, which should wrap up my words for the first week nicely. Then there’s no more obstacles between me and noveling the rest of the month away!

How go your creative projects, Fearless Readers?

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