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Sep 24 2008

Where in the world is Reesa?

…Well, it’s busy season up at work.

…We’re about to launch our 10th anniversary sale special which will hopefully make it even busier.

…Working like mad to put the finishing touches on the paper we’ll be taking to Arse Elektronika this year. There’s more detail over at the household blog, Words Words Words, here.

…Working like crazy (a really fun crazy) on the collaborative creative project, which you’ll start seeing signs of any day now.

…Having my brain torn apart by my novel I’m figuring out I’m going to have to redraft, and the question now is simply whether I’ll do that before or after I get through the last few chapters.

But more literally…this weekend I’ll be enjoying the hills and experiences of San Francisco with Kit, and in a couple of weeks I’ll be taking a version of talk and paper to Israel, traveling with Steve to ICON festival in Tel Aviv.

And then, hopefully, staying home and finishing about 6 projects before the end of the calendar year.

I’ve had very little online time lately, but I’m adjusting daily routines so I can spend more time on my computer. I love comments and blog interactions, so readers keep in touch!

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Aug 10 2008

inchworm progress

Well it feels that way, but only because the projects I work on are so huge. We finished the second, much longer pass of the business models monstrosity gargantua paper, yay! Now we only have to follow up on all the tangents and make another complete pass through it before my mom comes down with flowchart and red pen in hand. In two weeks or less. Then another for the rest of the paper. Then we’ll be traveling, so better damn well be done. Argh, so much to finish before travel upsets the creative routine again! Wait, chill, panic is another post.

I’ve got about 2.5 more things to catch up on at the shop, which is good improvement there as well. And not falling to pieces more than a few times a week, which is an improvement from 1+ times daily. And, hmm…ah, the maid service thing for the house was totally some of the best money we have chosen to spend to help our family out. Really, any of you families out there that don’t just totally bond lovingly over housework and can save enough pennies for should look into it, at least to help with the deep cleaning and little tidying details that daily life often makes difficult to keep up with. We have them over twice a month, and it’s quite affordable especially when you calculate the time it would take for us to do the same amount of work.

This week I’ve gotten the dining room to a state of completeness lacking only the tabletop and bookshelf organization to be done. My room is down to one bookshelf’s amount of boxes to unpack, (plus laundry to put away) and we hung all the large pictures in the main room (and I’m a third of the way through re-hanging Steve’s book-cover pictures so they look better) so that room is done except for any small finishing touches we think to add.

There’s still so very much to do, but that’s for another post as well. This post is about taking the time to appreciate the minutia of progress.

*tap, tap, twitch*

Okay, enough of that for now, back to work!

PS – I rolled a 1 last night and actually talked about my novel with Kit. That’s a short step away from writing on it, so should be considered good progress as well.

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