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Oct 14 2011

clean, but sick

I came home from the doctor appointment today(written Tuesday), and by 9pm had a fever of 103.  Since I was told to call in about anything above 100.4, I called the after hours doc.  Apparently that concern was more while I was in active chemotherapy, so he told me to take acetaminophen and watch it. If it got worse to go to the ER, but otherwise just call the doctor in the morning.  It’s been so long since I was actually sick like normal people get that it was a set of novel sensations; rjwpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp/////////////////////////////////////////////////

Tried starting this entry a couple of nights ago.  The above is a genuine (though edited–and trust me, you wanted it edited, the slashes went on for four more horizontal screens’ worth) example of me falling asleep at the keyboard, and the hijinks that can ensue.  I had a much more damaging and embarrassing example happen a few days ago when I apparently cc’ed someone else on a private email that shouldn’t have been copied, so I’m trying to put measures in place to minimize the potential for that kind of future damage since I’d like to keep the friends I have, thanks.  So a more public apology to the both of you C & J for that, since I’ve already extended personal apologies to each, and a promise to change my email habits until I know I’m past this stage in the healing process (the falling asleep and hitting random keys stage).

Anyway, back to the better and worse news that was the original point of the post.  I’m finally better enough to get back online, I’ve been off for a couple of days doing not much else except roasting in my own juices and existing.  Even breathing was/is a struggle, since I slept through so many pain med cycles that everything hurt.  It was impossible to keep an eye out for new pains like the doctors asked me to because everything hurt so bad I couldn’t determine what was new and what had just been managed by the pain meds.  They put me on antibiotics and told me to keep as much fluids down as I could.  I only threw up once, otherwise I took the anti-nausea pill I have on hand for “as needed” and managed to keep the crackers and juice down.

I noticed my right side hurt more which made me paranoid about appendicitis so the main thing on my mind was please, if anyone out there is listening, no more surgeries for a while, I can’t take any more surgeries right now.  And of course it makes more sense for my right side to hurt more because more has happened to it; it had the bigger hip tumor, the bigger breast tumor, more to heal all around, so when I started missing my pain med cycles it would make sense for the right side to hurt more all around.

At the worst of being sick it almost made me miss the hospital, where I wouldn’t be missing my meds so frequently.  On the other hand, I wouldn’t have gotten the sleep that probably helped me get this far into healing in only a few days.  I’m still totally shaky on my feet and weaker than I was before getting sick, but I can at least stay awake for an hour or two at a time and talk to people, which wasn’t happening for a couple of days there (sleeping or dozing or totally zoned out and only half-aware of what was happening in my environment).

I got our helper to try to wake me up if she heard my med alarm on my phone go off, so for the past day and a half I’ve been slowly catching up, and now I’m pain-wise almost back where I was, though not quite, and still hurting enough that it’s hard to breathe (and therefore hard to talk).  I had been doing my PT for a week straight, so I’m upset about having yet another break in that routine, but will start again as soon as my pain will allow it, probably in the next day or two.  The lymphedema specialist called during one of my zone-out days, so I had to ask if I could call back because there was no way I was going to be able to coordinate all of getting that set up.  This morning I found the paper with the number and it took me a good two minutes to figure out what number that was and why I needed it, which should show you how out of it I was.  I checked in with my nurse every day, including today, and she said she honestly thinks I might have caught the flu, since she had another patient with the same symptoms who ended up going to the ER and that’s what he had, type A flu.  I could have gotten it from my husband, who was sick last week, or even from the baby’s flu shot.  They were supposed to have given me the flu shot during my Aridia treatment but didn’t, but I suspect I might have gotten sick even if they had given me the shot, since I got sick the same day which means I’d already been exposed (which I’m thinking I no longer need the shot, now that I’ve gotten the flu itself).  So I keep drinking buttloads of fluids, finish my antibiotics, get back on my med cycle fer realz, and go to the ER if there’s a sudden reversal in the healing.

The good news, that everyone SHOULD be excited about, and most are: The latest set of scans are clean.  The oncologist and radiologist looked back through the last four sets of scans and compared them all to make sure, and they said maybe if you squint really hard and imagine really creatively you might pretend to see something in one of the old places, but that realistically the newest set of scans look clean, not even really a ghost of a tumor left.  Now this doesn’t exactly count as remission, since there isn’t a trend or history of clean scans, this is just the baseline to start from, but it’s a pretty darn good one, and I’ll take it.  I’ll keep taking the tamoxifen, keep taking the scans every two months, keep taking care of myself through PT and diet, hopefully avoid getting sick like I just did too much, and with all that work and a little luck and all your good thoughts sent my way we’ll hit remission yet.  Thanks to everyone for all the good love and support sent my way, keep a healthy image of me in your head whenever you think of me, and I’ll keep breathing, and healing, and living, and loving, and writing.

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