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May 17 2010

Quicky update, too busy writing

The auction ended and was a great success! With the generous matched donation offer we received, the auction raised over 4000$ in medical bill help for us, which is awesome and quite appreciated!  Everyone seemed to enjoy both all the lovely items and services offered for the auction as well as watching the bidding as it happened, so we will keep this in mind in case any other fundraising needs arise in the future.  I do like the fundraisers where people get things in return for their generosity…

I’m a bit behind on the self-imposed writing schedule but nothing I don’t think I can’t catch up on if I choose to.  Last week had several large energy interruptions due to doctor’s appointments and other things that seriously disrupted my writing schedule.  Since I’m still getting my work legs under me again post-surgery and my available energy changes daily and weekly, there will inevitably be a few bumps in the path so I’m trying to remain patient with myself as I figure it all out.

And on the recovery front, two major pieces of progress: I can now drive myself again under many circumstances (during the functional part of the day at least, the beginning and ending of a day is still usually much more impaired in movement and function), and Nathan and I went dancing Friday night as part of my physical rehab (because when we can, we try to make ouchy limit-pushing activities also fun!) with surprisingly pleasant results.  We haven’t been dancing since, oh, summer of last year? and I haven’t driven since November 2009, so those are definitely large chunks of progress toward feeling like a functional human again.  Feeling-wise, things are still all over the place; some pain, some emotional flux, lots of fatigue.  In other words, still healing at or above the “normal” rate, so no worries.  Doctor info progresses slower than we’d like but this week should see larger chunks of new information when we talk to the oncologist again on Thursday.

Had a fabulous brainstorming session for my novel-in-progress on Saturday, I have such lovely and smart friends!  Thanks to everyone who showed up.  And I sent out two more short stories last night to various markets, so hopefully one of these days I’ll get another hit instead of the many very near misses I’ve been collecting.

Now, back to work!  I’ll try to blog more later, but in the meantime everyone take care of your health!  Ladies, when was the last time you gave yourself a breast exam?  Don’t end up like me with a Texas-sized tumor, fondle yourself early and often for best detection!

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May 10 2010

Benefit Auction is Live!

Check out the awesome pretties available over at the Auction website, and make your bids!  The auction runs through the 15th and we have over 50 items available for your bidding.  Go browse and bid now!  All proceeds go to defray the medical costs associated with my recent breast cancer surgery.  And you get nifty things in return!

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May 08 2010

Auction Deadline Today!

Hey everyone, heads-up!  If you were and are interested in donating an art, craft, or service to the benefit auction starting in just a couple of days, then TODAY is the day you need to get that information over to Andrea!  She has enough to do that she won’t be trying to chase down everyone who expressed an interest, but is asking instead that you send her an email with either pictures of a finished product or descriptions of what service you are offering.  That email needs to be sent by the end of the day today.  I finished sending her my own offerings yesterday, but YOU still have this whole day to get that email sent!  I’m really looking forward to seeing all of the different lovely things that will be put up for bidding, it won’t just be yarn in the least!  We’ll be linking to websites if they are provided, so this is also a way to get some free advertising for your arts or services.

As with the SpinAThon (which was an awesome success — we raised over $2500 in sponsorships and had 42.8 hours of continuous spinning and knitting), the artisan auction proceeds will be going toward our copious medical bills we incurred during the cancer experience.  I’ll probably post about it a couple of times to boost the signal once the auction actually begins, but needless to say that every bit we receive is needed and useful help.  Thank you all so much for continuing to read and contribute!

Andrea email:

Deadline for having your donation listed for bid in the auction: Today, May 8 2010

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May 03 2010

Actual post about writing

(Note: I know many of you are anxiously awaiting more tales about the recent cancer experience, and they will be coming — and soon! — but at the rate that works for me and my processing of what was, among other things, an extremely traumatic event. Anyone needing more up-to-date health info and who is on Facebook can join my Fan Page there, which posts 2-4 times a week on health status and current known recovery info. I appreciate the concern!)

(Also note: SpinAThon raised over $2500 and sponsored 42.8 hours of spinning and knitting! Thanks so much to everyone who participated and donated, that will help a lot towards current medical costs. Stay tuned next week when we’ll have a silent auction and put up for bid the results of the SpinAThon efforts, along with many other lovely unique arts and crafts.)

I just planned out the next year and a half of work.

Talk about milestones on the “feeling like a Real Writer” path! Tomorrow/later today/after I’ve slept more, I’ll be officially “back on the job”. (Thankfully for my recovery I have a sit-down job where I can take nap breaks as needed, since tomorrow also starts Yoga-as-rehab sessions.) I have a much clearer idea of what rate I need to be writing at on certain projects in order to have them completed by my goal dates. The rest of 2010 is still going to be a bit off, but it looks like I might actually get some decent work in, as well as finish a long-overdue project.

No worries, regular blogging will continue on a weekly basis if not more frequently, and Callie posts will continue (probably at a rate of 2-3 a month) until…well, until there aren’t any more posts on that arc to write! I’ll also probably write about this new writing routine and how well it works out, and where adjustments need made, and all the other blathery things I think are interesting about life and work. Glad every day that I’m still here to fill the screen with words, words, words.

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Apr 30 2010

SpinAThon is live!

You can check out the live fiber action at this link, or the main SpinAThon site for more detailed information and donation page.

Stay tuned for a bonus Callie post! Two in one week, in honor of the SpinAThon. I’ll also be randomly Twittering about the weekend as the whim strikes. Thanks for helping to keep it possible for me to keep writing!

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Apr 30 2010

SpinAThon about to spin!

SpinAThon starts tomorrow! We have 32.5 hours sponsored so far, which means we are definitely into our second day, which will be held at Andrea’s place in Round Rock, nicely bracketing Austin with the two days of our event. Saturday Andrea will be spinning on webcam starting at midnight until 8am, when volunteer Emily takes over so Andrea can prep for Yarnorama! They open at 11am, which is when our Kentucky volunteers Grinny Possum will begin their webcam spinning while Andrea is on site taking massive amounts of pics of the Yarnorama participants. (We couldn’t get consistent streaming webcam out at the Paige shop so we’ll post the still pics and recorded video instead.) Yarnorama will be spinning and knitting from 11 am until they tire out, at which point Andrea returns home and with hopefully enough other volunteers for nap breaks, spins and knits until the sponsorships run out on Sunday!

Just a few more sponsorships will put us into the time volunteered by Steven Brust, a local bestselling fantasy author. We hope to have Steven Brust putting in an appearance on May 2nd for a few hours in the early afternoon, he’ll be playing tunes to entertain our spinners and knitters, and will have a few of his books on hand for sale and signing or personalizing. He’ll be there from about 1pm until he tires out, and we currently have sponsorships through 8:30 Sunday morning so only a few more hours needed! If you’re a local fan of Steve’s you can show up even if you don’t donate, but sponsoring even a few minutes will help ensure your favorite local author will be there! He loves conversing with his fans and having an audience for his songs, so let’s make his time worth it!

And yes, we will be taking donations even after the event begins, right up until we run out of pledged spinning time. If you’ve been waiting until the last minute to pledge, now is the time! I plan to show up for at least a part of both days, though my Sunday will sadly not be overlapping Steve’s much at all (I’ll be on-site for a couple of the Sunday morning hours but have another scheduled event for lunch and early afternoon; Saturday, I’ll likely be attending Yarnorama with my mother, who will be in town and donating an art piece to the silent auction happening soon after SpinAThon.) We also still have room for more volunteer knitters and spinners, especially on Saturday night and Sunday; even an hour or two helps our main volunteers get naps!

Thanks for everyone for helping out with this Good Samaritan event!

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Apr 19 2010

SpinAThon signal boost!

Andrea and others are organizing a marathon fiber-spinning-and-knitting event called SpinAThon to help raise funds for our copious medical expenses incurred from the recent breast cancer adventure. It’s happening May 1st (and hopefully May 2nd as well, if we get enough donations!) in the Austin area and occasionally elsewhere — and we’re broadcasting the volunteer spinners and knitters on internet-streaming webcam so you can watch the progress in your own home!

How can you help? Well, sponsoring several minutes (or hours) of spinning will most definitely help us, both in the raising of funds and in making SpinAThon a more noticeable event. (Last I checked we were already up to 18 hours; our goal is to reach 48 hours or more.) As little as $5.00 will sponsor 5 minutes of spinning, and larger donations will sponsor fiber time at the same $1 per minute rate. Visit the main SpinAThon page and click the “Donate” button there (found just above the pictures of me) if you want to jump directly to the donating part.

If you can’t donate funds but still want to help, here are a few ways:

Are you local to Austin, TX or not local but with a webcam, and do you spin or knit? Consider joining the volunteer spinners and knitters practicing their craft for the event. Contact Andrea ( to get more details on how to sign up for this and when to schedule your spinning time. She can also help you get set up with the free streaming webcam service several spinners are using for the SpinAThon.

If you don’t knit or spin, and can’t afford to donate at this time, consider linking to this post or to the SpinAThon website itself and spreading the word. The more people who know about this, the more likely we are to reach our goals and create an awesome event for everyone!

And of course, the days of the SpinAThon itself, you can watch the progress of the volunteers as they create the novel sport of endurance fibercraft on Live (Really)Reality (Internet)TV! Any questions not answered here? Check out our SpinAThon FAQ (90% written by yours truly) or contact Andrea directly with your question. You can also leave questions in the comments on this post or over on the Reesa Brown Fan Page where it’s also linked.

Thanks to everyone for all the help that continues to come in, it makes a positive difference in my recovery!

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