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Oct 09 2011

far-reaching weekend links

necropants, anyone? some interesting Iclandic folklore

Scientists need to read more science fiction if they’re just now thinking of growing their own food to travel to other planets…

…and gamers beat the scientists at their own game by solving an AIDS research problem, gaming style.

I would totally get injected with tumor-killing nanospiders if necessary.

More science fiction fun, a Tattooine-style planet discovered with two suns

Do you want to be a planet hunter?  Some of them are already finding planets

Live tiny cypher-makers are cool, but how do you transport the bacteria discreetly?

This sort of redesigning of education (in this case homework) excites me.  Now if only the system would actually DO it…

Interesting article about polyamory to think about. I’ve certainly been a proponent of the notion that in a “simple” triad, you have each person’s relationship with themselves that MUST be counted along with the dyad pairings and triad dynamic to start to get a true scope of the number of relationships you’re dealing with.  It’s hard enough over the course of a lifetime for people to get more than a murky understanding of the inside of their own heads, much less find compatible neuroses with just one other person for any length of time in a healthy fashion. Attempt to add in a third person and you’re doing that all over again multiple times; is it any wonder most people think poly folk are crazy or that most poly relationships fail in spectacular fashion?  Everyone involved has to start from a level of maturity most people don’t achieve to have a chance in hades of surviving the ride…and here’s yet another article backing up these sorts of thoughts to read and ponder.

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