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Mar 16 2011

Missing my dog — evil squirrels

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Haven’t talked about my dog’s death at Thanksgiving much, but am hoping to get some posts written here and there about it. We’ll see!

During my many trips to the hot tub (one of the few partially effective pain treatments currently (sometimes) working, along with the Physical Therapy appointments and the pain meds), I’ve noticed over the past several days an increasing amount of small divots in the mulch covering the back yard. These freshly-turned shallow holes spawned the following two thoughts:

1) Obviously they are from squirrels burying their nut stash. I’ve seen similar divots before, though not usually in my yard;

and 2) There’s a reason we’ve never had squirrel deposits in our yard before — Tirma’s unceasing vigilance against the Squirrels Her Enemy ensured that.

I’ve reached the point where that’s an amusing and bittersweet thought rather than a totally sad one.

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Nov 26 2010

Black Friday, indeed

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My dog died this morning.

I’ll probably do a couple of posts about her. It was quite unexpected and emotionally very hard on all of us, but the household was all there to say goodbye to her, so that’s good, at least.

Details and eulogic reminiscing still to come, not in the mood much for writing at the moment. I think today is a Day Off from writing, though I hadn’t planned it.

We are still having people over tonight, though I’m not sure how much in the mood for gaming we will be. It would be lovely to have friends come over regardless, as having people around would be helpful.

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