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Jul 02 2008

tidying detritus

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Oooh now that’s just a lovely phrase. Say it a few times with me. Tidying detritus, {repeat}. Once you’ve completely removed all sense and meaning from the words, please feel free to move on to the rest of the entry.

I cleaned up a scene to post in the writer’s group (and send to my Mom, she liked it), wherein I fanfic-ed myself by writing a crossover scene between my main protagonist from my current novel-in-progress and the main character from the collaborative project story I’m about to start writing (probably when this entry is done, since we were going to clean my room but I’m waiting for breakfast instead). This was really fun.

I panicked (not really) at getting back from all the con-going to find that I’d piled up enough rejections that I only had ONE piece out circulating. I cleaned up those loose ends and now have three things oot and aboot and more on that massive list from yesterday coming soon to a flatscreen or book near you (or at least a slush pile).

I wrote an author bio and picked a pic for the “Taking Flight” anthology where my story “The Reap Assessors” is included. Waiting for permission to use the picture, plan to send that off today.

Other than the list, looks like the only writing I need to finish is compiling the notes from 4th street. Seems like that’s a good activity to pair with getting writing done; I can either write up my notes or write on stories. Either way, writing is getting done, and the joy spreads. (Or sometimes oozes and dribbles.) Dunno what I’m on about today with all the parenthetical statements, I’m sure it’ll work itself out. And now, some phrases much harder to say clearly in repetition than tidying detritus:
Unique New York

Red Leather, Yellow Leather

Toy Boat

Cinnamon, Synonym

More? Theater warm-ups people remember? My mouth no more wishes to sit in solemn silence, no matter how dull or dark the dock. Hee hee.

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