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Apr 18 2010

Return of the links!

If anyone in the Austin-ish local area wants to see this next one, let me know! I go out to College Station about once a week to check on my business there, we could easily turn one of those trips into a sf exhibit roadtrip. Not too many people know that the Cushing Library extension of the Texas A&M library system has the second-largest collection of science fiction-related private author papers and other rare items in the country. Here’s the current exhibit on display until January 2011.

I’ll be listing some of the cancer resources that have been useful to us, marginally or more, as we progress through cancer and recovery. The obvious first one to start with is the American Cancer Society, an umbrella organization that has many local chapters and handles information about many different types of cancer, including breast cancer.

And for a fun wrap-up link, gamers can enjoy this Nintendo emulator site, and play again all those games that sucked away so many productive hours in your youth.

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